Insurance and Precautions Necessary to Protect Your Finances

Insurance and precautions against unforeseen events should be something you consider monthly when preparing your budget.

Necessary insurance

It can be said that the way to achieve safety and financial preparation is through the insurance investment in your life. We say investment because it is hardly considered as an expense.

We have a list of the essential insurances in your life and what they protect.

Retirement or pension savings

You should be aware of the company for which you work is making the necessary contributions to ANSES. If not, you need to do it on your own by giving voluntary contributions to ensure a comfortable retirement. You can ask the different financial institutions what plans they have.

Life insurance

No one has bought or insured life, no matter how much money he may have. This insurance is indispensable with much more reasonable if it has economic dependents.

If you have a medical emergency and do not have public health services sponsored by your employer, the expenses can go sky-high. In addition, the need for immediate cash in a medical or life emergency situation can make you make decisions that end with a great debt and financial problem in the future.

Not only is it a benefit for you, but for your economic dependents. It gives them that reassurance that they should not worry about money above all in an emergency situation.

Of course, there are actions you can do to not have to make use of the services of a life or health insurance:

  • Eat healthily
  • Carry an active lifestyle with regular physical activity.
  • Avoid consumption of substances that affect your health and quality of life.

Asset insurance

If you have already worked so hard to get your own assets, either through your own capital or loans or credits, nobody wants to lose everything by some mishap. These are the 2 most important assets of your assets.

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Car insurance

You probably feel that you will never make use of this type of service, but that is the purpose of financial prevention. Let’s say that it does not invest in this insurance and something will happen, the economic imbalance would be very great. That without forgetting that it cannot endanger the lives of people who get into their car.

Home insurance

The dream of all people is to be able to have a house or apartment that they can call home, without the worries of having to pay the rent every month or that they can become forced to Desha Bitar.

But it could also happen to situations completely alien to people, as could be natural disasters. These insurance are of course different from those of default, which seek the benefit and welfare of institutions or banks that provide mortgage loans.

Some of the actions you can do to keep your home in good repair:

  • Make sure that the materials used in the construction are quality. This in case of being a new building.
  • Maintain electrical and plumbing installations. Repair is more expensive than prevention.

All these insurance can be coped with an administration of your finances in order.

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