Recommendations on the use of your credit cards

The Credit cards statement is feared by many. This is due to the little organization that is given to the way in which it is used. In addition to that may be due to overuse of the card for things that you could well pay in cash.

Use of credit cards

For those and many more reasons the credit cards should have a very special use. Here is a list of recommendations for use of your credit card.

Prioritize your purchases

Of course, it is not advisable to use a credit card to pay for any type of purchase you make. A use of the card must be established. So at the end of the month when your statement comes, you will not be surprised at how much you owe.

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The budget is your main tool to prioritize your purchases. In it must write down all the expenses that will leave month by month and separate those that are not necessary. The list of expenses will also find the uses of your credit card. Some of the expenses can be programmed to be done with your credit card.

Know Your Payment Limit

Of course, the use of the card is recommended as long as you have the solvency to make the payment on time. If it is necessary to automate payments from your debit card or where you receive payment of your salary. Write down on a calendar the dates you cut your card to avoid forgetting the payment.

Pay more than minimum

Many people find that making the minimum payment prevents them from entering the Truth. That’s probably not the biggest problem. Since although it is making the payment in time and is not incurring arrears, the minimum payment hardly manages to pay an advance of the capital. This translates as a way of lengthening the full payment of a debt on credit.

The deception often also consists in that some credit cards charge variable interests that are set month to month depending on the amount that you have to pay.

Always pay on time

If you are unable to comply with the basic principles of credit you are paying and doing so on time you are probably not ready to use credit purchases. Do not forget that in order to enjoy the benefit of paying months without interest you must ensure that the payment is made in time not to incur interest arrears.

It could be said that the use of credit cards, loans, and loans, is limited to people who have a good organization of their personal finances. These tools will not help you to get a life you can not afford because at some point you must pay.

Improve your spending habits and your personal finances to enjoy the benefits of this type of financial tools.

In addition to the simple fact of paying on credit, most of the goods or services that are bought have a slightly higher cost, unlike when you make the payment in cash

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