10 Tips for Succeeding Online Business

The average time spent by an Internet user on a web page is merely 46 seconds (Source: Clickz.com). Within these 46 seconds, an online business needs to attract the customer, make an interesting proposal and close the deal.

So, 46 seconds is all you have…

Competition in the virtual world is growing day by day. VeriSign reported a 16% growth in domain name registrations. The total number of domain names now stands at an astounding 60 million, with .com consuming the largest portion.

We believe the following 10 tips can substantially increase your chances of success for online businesses:

1. Focus on the Non-Focused:

Know your customers deeply and focus on those needs that are not seen by your competition.

eBay is a brilliant example. eBay was quick to recognize the desire of people to gain economic benefits when negotiating second-hand products. eBay realized the need for a platform where such buyers and sellers can meet and negotiate. E-commerce technologies helped eBay create the required platform and the rest is history.

2. Solid Online Business Planning:

Have complete knowledge of your source of income, duration of coverage of expenses and other important strategic details from the beginning, and decide on the milestones that will be reached. You should know the exact time to expand your business and plan for future sources of income.

The Internet business has a cruel history of causing disastrous changes at phenomenal speed. Be prepared to face such jolts and have plans ready to handle turbulent times.

3. Friendly E-commerce Software:

Always choose software that is easy to manage and allows you to focus on the heart of your business activities.

Choose an E-commerce solution that fits your business requirements. It scans the software in terms of its scalability, security and a number of allowable settings.

Invest in a solution that not only meets your present requirements but is also able to accommodate your future business needs.

4. Create a Web Store with a Difference:

Visual memory is more durable than textual memory. Proper branding is important to the success of your online business. Increase the memory of your brand by creating a virtual store that is in tune with the likes and dislikes of your target customers.

Learn more about your customers and create a unique brand using different color combinations, site design, and an innovative logo. An attractive display of your domain name can also play an important role in registering the brand of your online store.

Be different (but not vague) in order to create a positive appearance in the minds of your clients to achieve success.

5. Make Your “Super Sellers” More Visible:

Attract a customer and promote your USP first.

Create your online store in such a way that when a visitor leaves your online store, he/she is aware of your specialty even if they do not intend to buy those products.

To clarify: Let us assume that you are an online flower seller specializing in selling fresh red roses. Create the cover of your online store in a way that when a visitor leaves your cover, he/she is aware of your specialty even if he has not seen the section of Red Roses. So the next time the visitor tries to buy red roses, you will most likely remember the cover of your store.

Highlight your best product/service first in your online store.

6. Do not let your Customers forget you:

Managing Customer Relationships is of great importance, especially when you are small and you are struggling to build a persistent database. Develop innovative ways to inform past customers about new products and the latest updates in the web store. The E-Commerce solution you choose should have provisions for incorporating multiple CRM campaigns. Adopt innovative communication to communicate with your customers.

Pamper your customers to generate permanent sales in order to ensure the success of your online business.

7. Increase your Web Presence:

Make your presence felt by conducting smart marketing on the Internet. Develop search engine optimization (SEO) for your site, since most buyers visit websites after locating them in the first 3 or 4 pages of results in search engines. You can hire professional services or conduct Internet marketing yourself.

Partner with websites that provide complementary products or services on the Internet. This helps you increase your web presence for both search engines and your customers.

Only smart marketing will get your customers.

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8. Build Tough System Operations:

The operations of the system are the skeleton of your online cover. Spend time analyzing the system operations provided by E-commerce software. Tasks such as inventory management processing, credit card processing, reporting systems, etc. will form your first impression.

All your system operations are expected to be accurate, scalable, and provide real data. Your choice of E-commerce solution would greatly determine the strength of your system operations.

A potential threat to your E-commerce operations is the failure of systems that cause faulty system operations. Ensure the existence of a solid system platform before opening your business.

9. Learn Faster and Better:

To err is human, but to fail to protect yourself and allow your competition to exploit your gaps, is suicidal and a great threat to E-success.

Always have impartial advice from your online business and be prepared to identify your mistakes. Learn the art of covering your mistakes and rectifying them before your competition gets to know them.

Business is about speed. Speed is essential in identifying and rectifying errors. You need to learn about your gaps and mistakes faster than your competition and rectify them effectively.

10. Surprise your Customers:

Surprise your customers with frequent changes in the offers of your business. Add incentives by offering surprise offers, discounts on prices, etc.

Your online store can also help add life to your business venture. It carries out regular improvements to look and feel, the display of products, etc of your cover online. Make changes that do not take away the appeal to the brand image in the minds of your customers. Make sure, too, that the changes are not unappealing or too frequent.

Constant innovation while staying focused on your business goals will lead you to success in your online business.

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