Drupal v WordPress v Joomla: Which Is Best for Blogging?

Building a successful blog can be relatively straightforward, but only if you can first decide which platform you want to use to underpin it. So when it comes to a battle between Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, which will claim victory?

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Wise Words

As one of the biggest and best-known blogging solutions, WordPress is often the first choice for individuals or businesses looking to get their digital ambitions off the ground. And there is no doubt that it offers a fairly straightforward experience that beginners will appreciate.

With plenty of different themes on offer and a bevy of plugins, from the simple to the game-changing, WordPress also offers a decent amount of flexibility. The main downside to keep in mind is that it relies so much on third-party add-ons that it can become a little difficult to manage over time, and some of them are impacted by security issues, which is worth considering.

Seeking Reliability

The learning curve for Joomla may be a little steeper than for WordPress, but once you are up and running this platform will be especially good for creating a site that looks consistent and performs solidly from moment to moment.

The other side of the coin is that Joomla sites tend to be a bit samey, and you need to be a bit of a coding whiz to get something truly unique out of it. This makes it less ideal for first-timers who have good ideas but lack the skills to implement them effectively.

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Suitable Alternatives

For many experienced bloggers, Drupal is the way to go thanks to the unfussiness of the way it is coded and the diversity of supported apps and features.

This does mean you might need the help of a Drupal design agency if you do not have the in-house knowledge to make the most of it. Website Expresss are an expert Drupal design agency, and are just one of many organisations that can give you a leg up with this platform.

Like its contemporaries, the community surrounding Drupal is also vibrant and innovative, so if you can get over the lack of immediate user-friendliness when compared with the likes of WordPress, then it has a lot to offer. Budding bloggers willing to learn will find it one of the best solutions available.

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