8 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

All the people can be divided into cat people and dog people. At the same time many people cannot tell for sure who they are for 100%. We can find lots of benefits owing cats or dogs. This article aims to explain benefits of having a dog in your house. (Do not take it for granted! We aim only to show that dogs are great but do not try to persuade in the following facts).

1. Dogs can make you laugh

An investigation held among 100 respondents showed that dog owners laughed much more than cat owners. Moreover, even those people who did not get any pets reported to laugh more with dogs than with cats.

2. Dogs make your new friends

It was proven that dogs act as catalysts for social interactions among people. So researchers suggested that it may enhance feelings of well-being. And people say that while running all around the park or simply walking your dog in the street involves a lot of interaction with other dogs and their owners. This fact is very helpful to those who are single and feel themselves alone, especially for elderly people.

3. Sense of smell

This dog’s ability is very useful in many cases: from looking for a lost sock or hunting to sniffing out cancer.

4. Technologically-advanced dogs

As a rule, cats like simply lying on the sofa doing nothing or just watching your TV. At the same time some tech-savvy dogs are already able to recognize and respond to the commands written on an iPad (for instance sit or whirly). O, we know how it sounds, but they are able to take selfies! A research centre in London now offers special sessions for your dog to learn flattering photos of itself by swiping the nose over the screen.

5. Keeping fit

All dogs need walks at least two times a day so you have to walk with them, too. Everyday walking helps you to keep fit all the time. As many investigations proved, older people who have dogs are much healthier that those who have cats, because they walk approximately 0.95 miles over the regular walking daily distance.

6. Real-life heroes

Dogs can be trained to sniff out bombs, or look for missing people. Basically, dogs are four-legged crime fighters saving people’s lives every day all over the world.

7. Allergies and asthma

If you get a puppy for your child, he or she will “get accustomed” to dog dust. This habit lowers the risk of allergies and asthma developing in the long run. This was proven by an investigation centre in the USA. Dog dust contains certain microbes that in fact influence the quantity of immune cells in the animal’s airway responding to allergens.

8. Dogs make our life worth, even when we are old

Getting old is always tough. After retirement elderly people usually feel that their lives have no structure any more. As dogs require a strict time for walks and meals it helps provide a sense of purpose for retirees.

After these reasons you still believe that cats are better than you are not alone. A Kijiji infographic based on some investigations carried in Canada prove that cats are still more desirable pets in people’s houses.