Read This Before You Go For an Energy Sector Interview

Let me be very clear, this article is not the interview tips you get everywhere. We are not going to tell you to be confident or to dress up nicely or to talk politely. You already know all those interview etiquettes. Don’t you?

Whenever you go for an interview, the interviewers expect you to know the basics and the latest trends in the industry. If you don’t know what’s going on in the industry how will you make the panelists believe that you are passionate to join the industry? This is the reason; we are sharing the top trends in the energy sector that anyone aspiring to join the energy sector must know.  Read this and brush up your knowledge about the industry before the interview date. And, if you are yet to get a call for interview visit this page to get a place in the energy transmission and distribution sector.


The decarbonization is the trend that entered the power sector very slowly and now shows great impact globally. Today, every country is trying its best to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas from their energy sector to show their participation in the decarbonization trend. To reach their decarbonization goals different countries are utilizing different approaches including coal to natural gas fuel switching and rapid expansion of renewable sources of energy. Many new technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) devices are being designed and tested at different levels for the same reason.


The other major trend in the power sector after the decarbonization is the decentralization i.e. producing the power close to where it will be used. When electricity is produced at a central location and then distributed through national grid a major portion of the energy is lost in the process of transmission and distribution. This also increases the carbon emission in the atmosphere. While initial installation price of decentralized energy plants may be higher, the long-run impact of decentralization is the reduced price as compared to the traditional system. The decentralization of energy is believed to bring economic benefits to the end users as well as the utility companies. So, almost all nations are thriving to decentralize their respective energy sectors.


Obviously, the level of modernization of the energy sector differed from country to country and it still varies to a great level. But, countries across the globe are trying hard to modernize their power sector rapidly. The developing countries where a large number of citizens didn’t have access to energy are trying to diversify their distribution channel. The developed countries where access was not a big problem are turning their energy sector into a customer-centric industry. The energy sector, globally, never worked with customer-centric approach; the consumers always were just ‘loads’ for the sector. Today, the sector is changing to treat each customer as a separate individual and not as loads.

Don’t limit your search here, be well-informed about the sector when you are going to appear for an interview of the energy sector.

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