How to Start a Catering Business?

Introduction to catering business

Starting a catering business could be a viable alternative to escape the crisis that is affecting some Hispanic countries, such as Spain, Venezuela, among others. However it is a path that is not suitable for everyone, in fact, it is necessary to have a great talent in the kitchen and have the necessary resources to be able to start this activity , which basically tries to prepare food and drinks that will be transported to a Determined event: a birthday party, a graduation, a baptism, a confirmation event, a wedding, business meetings, etc.

The catering service, in turn, deals with everything concerning the organization and presentation of the service: choosing the location, entertainment, reception, sending invitations, etc. Of course, the two areas, catering and banquets, are compatible with each other so that it is increasingly common to find these two areas together within the same company.

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You can choose to be an individual company or a partnership. As always, in this context, the choice of the accountant is the key to better address the start-up of a business and also the subsequent stages.

Suppliers in a catering business

Catering companies have different types of clients, such as a couple who wants to arrange a wedding in a romantic place or a company looking for a large and spacious venue to set up a convention.

So to succeed in your goal you must meet the needs of everyone. Some catering companies personally take care of all aspects of an event, while others must rely on various vendors to prepare the banquet.

For example, a food supplier, materials for preparation, and also for equipment such as tables, chairs, and gazebos. Usually, larger companies offer a full service and do not require any vendor.

Structure and equipment of a catering business

I could even start at home, at least at first. You can dedicate yourself to all the tasks of business management, with a team or independently, provided you have some knowledge of accounting, advertising, and marketing, dedicate yourself to the maintenance of your website, customer service by mail, have an Orderly agenda; Dealing with the administration and supply of ingredients, verifying the quality of the products, the menu plan, among other tasks.

The basic equipment of a catering business should contain: kitchen equipment, dinnerware, uniforms, telephones, equipment, transportation; Once the business grows, you can choose to incorporate vans, rent premises, chairs and tables, refrigeration units, washing machines, grills, stainless steel tables, etc.

Service and products of a catering business

The range of services offered in a catering business is very varied and can be adapted to the needs of each client: banquets, receptions, cocktails, buffets, dinners, lunches, refreshments at conferences or fairs, suggesting menus in perfect Harmony with the style chosen in the place and ensuring a high quality and certified kitchen.

Search location

If the client has not yet chosen a place, his catering business should be able to recommend a host of possible places: a selection of villas, country houses, castles, lofts, penthouses. In addition, it is necessary to work safely in unusual places or in open spaces, providing tents, umbrellas, ceilings, and placement of tables, chairs, mobile kitchens and a bar.

Delivery of food

The food prepared in the central kitchens is transported and delivered to the client.

Provision of meals within the customer’s premises. In this case, it is the staff of the catering business who goes to the client’s kitchen and prepares the meals.

Flower Arrangements

Within your catering team, you should have people specialized in flower arrangement to ensure the presence of flowers and plants, at weddings, ceremonies, fashion shows, gala dinners, corporate events, and conferences.

Musical entertainment

For each event, which is classic, formal, institutional or fashionable, a catering business can recommend musicians of any type, offering an integral service in keeping with the personality and style of the event.

Rental of furniture and equipment

A catering business should provide furniture of all styles and ensure the logistics of the kitchen and dining room, offering dishes, tablecloths and all the equipment in question, as well as the equipment for the receptions that you want to organize.

The transport of food

Transport is a delicate and important stage for the proper and hygienic preservation of organoleptic foods. Transport of foodstuffs must be done by hygienically adequate means and to ensure adequate protection in order to avoid alterations and may be caused by atmospheric agents and by other environmental factors.

Points to ensure the success of your catering business

To guarantee maximum efficiency in the organization of each event: sports, entertainment, culture, and business; Whether a large or small event, the customer should always be assured of constant attention to every detail:

The selection of the qualified and creative cook.

The study of the location and course of each event.

Attention to the client’s budget and logistics needs.

Choice of the best menu.

Possible scenario between a customer and a catering business

Catering business contract

The organization of an event consists of several phases, involving the client and the company that will offer an external service, in this case, catering and banquets.

1.Meeting with the client-In this phase the details of the requested service are defined.

2.Definition of the contract-The relationship between the client and the company is formalized.

The essential elements that must be in a catering and banquet contract are:

The place of provision of the service.

The date of the event.

The schedule of the event.

The number of guests.

The consideration (the price for the service).

Special conditions

3.Preparation of the premises and facilities.

4.The performance of the service.


Risks when setting up a catering business

How to Start a Catering Business?

Starting a business always involves risk, but in this case, everything is based on mismanagement. There are no external factors that may cause the activity to fail.

The quality of the food, of course. It is good to try to save money and maximize profits, but not too much, avoid compromising the taste of food.


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