Why Hire An Expert In Business Psychology?

Benefits, benefits and more benefits. Nobody, or almost nobody, doubts that the ultimate goal of any company is to achieve high productivity. However, that the brightness of the gold does not blind us in our purpose since to achieve this goal we will need to have a committed and efficient team that is capable of developing the work in a highly competent manner, as many companies have already understood. Worried about attracting and maintaining talent.The importance of people in the company is such that without human capital nothing would work. Hence, in recent decades, Human Resources departments have gained strength within the organizational structure of companies and has emerged, especially in multinational firms, the figure of the expert in business psychology , a professional capable of aligning the development of the workers with the goals of the organization in order to obtain better economic balances and personal involvement.

What does business psychology bring within an organization?

Having an expert in business psychology as a member of the team -whether as a contractor or collaborator- will result in a number of aspects:

  • More productivity of workers
  • Reinforcement of teamwork
  • Recruitment and optimal personnel selection processes
  • Reduction of conflicts and finding more appropriate and quick solutions

Areas of influence of business psychology

The function of this discipline is far from the clinical concept of psychology. It is true that human behavior is still the basis, but redirected towards the workplace itself and its proper functioning at the individual, group and organizational level, with the aim of achieving the highest possible performance of the company’s members, but also the maximum satisfaction of these during their development.

Thus, an expert in business psychology can develop, among others, the following tasks:

  • Management of the staff, from the selection of the personnel to the evaluation and orientation of the workers. We refer to the whole process of recruitment, the test of skills and personality, analysis of needs for a position, definition of the appropriate profile, and so on.
  • Training of personnel, through the study of shortcomings and demands at the level of skills development, as well as analysis of the impact of actions on business results, which allow for a strategic plan to improve human capital?
  • Consumer behavior, through the preparation of reports, in collaboration with the marketing and advertising departments. The mission of the business psychologist not only affects the team but also influences externally, thanks to its ability to analyze customers and market research.
  • Occupational safety, based on the study by the expert on the errors, voluntary or not, that may occur in the scope of the company. In this way, business psychology intervenes in the prevention, treatment, and improvement of the working and health conditions of the company.
  • Organizational strategy, developing plans on the ideal hierarchical structure of the organization in the fulfillment of its objectives or creating career development plans and studies on internal promotion.
  • Management advises, as a help to those responsible for the company in the implementation of new social or labor initiatives and coaching about the exercise of leadership in their relationships with the rest of the team.

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