Why great lighting matters in retail

As the retail sector heads toward one of its busiest time of the year, stores are gearing up to grab as much of the increased consumer spend as possible.

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Stores will be looking at promotions and pricing. If they have sufficient stock of the latest must-have items, they should also consider the layout and design of their stores. Elements such as lighting can play a huge part in creating the right mood and ambience to get consumers to part with more of their cash.

Lighting as part of your brand

Increasingly, businesses are incorporating sense marketing into their strategies and considering how light, sound and smell, for example, can not only put customers in the right frame of mind to spend more but also change and create their perception of the brand. More than 80 per cent of the signals sent to our brains come from what we see with our eyes, so great lighting should be right up there at the top of the list when considering store layout and design.

According to Retail Minded, there are several reasons that retailers should carefully consider their in-store lighting as it can impact greatly on the mood and ambience of the store and the overall shopping experience. The same can be said for in store music; what you play and at what volume can affect a shopper’s mood and therefore their likelihood of making a purchase. Companies such as https://moodmedia.co.uk can supply equipment and advise on music for your store.

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The benefits of great lighting

Lighting makes your shopping environment safe first and foremost, but it also has many other purposes. It can be used to highlight specific promotional gondolas, to backlight shelving units, and even create some visually distinct areas within the store. The correct floor lighting can be used to subliminally guide customers to specific areas in the store.

Advancements in technology, such as the advent of LED lighting, have increased the options that are available to retailers, allowing them to light the smallest areas with pinpoint accuracy.

When putting together your marketing strategy and designing brand elements and store layout, it’s no longer enough to just consider the “7 Ps” of marketing; you should also be concentrating on the effect you are creating on your consumers’ five senses.

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