Financial goals instead of New Year’s resolutions

It is very common for most people to set New Year’s resolutions before the end of the year. What is more common is that they fail to try to achieve them. Among the most popular are losing weight, quitting smoking and of course saving and improving finances.

The year starts with a subscription to the gym and even a new diet. The amount of cigarettes consumed per week is lowered and even less money is spent. After a few weeks, he forgets or returns to bad habits.

Financial goals for the New Year

The main reason is that established goals are not set with action plans. Here we have the three main mistakes in trying to fulfill financial purposes.


Real and achievable objectives must be established. When people do not succeed it is because they do not define time to achieve it or execution strategies. The objectives that are set are called SMART by their acronyms in English, specific (specific), measurable (measurable), assignable (assignable), realistic (realistic) and time-related (time).

If it is not measurable, it is not possible to know if the strategy should be changed to correctly route them. As for establishing a specific time period, it can be the key pair that can be fulfilled or not.

If the goal is to save money you should set a goal that for a certain month you must have accumulated a certain amount of money. The strategy will be to set aside a certain amount without fail to make it possible. You can use reminders or automatic discounts of your payment.

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Purposes tend to be abandoned because there is no visualization and short-term goals are not met.


In the case of savings, achieving goals month by month and visualizing the final objective works to move forward. Keep track of the progress you have made, you should probably modify the deadline or objectives.

Do not forget the purposes and objectives that are set at the beginning of the year, to forget about them will turn out to be the same year that happened. In the worst case, you will end up making the same mistakes as last year. If you are going to save, have an objective to do so. If you are going to lose weight, try to reach a certain weight, and if you want to quit smoking, start small to achieve it. Any objective is achievable if it is proposed.

In terms of financial objectives, the money obtained can be used to go on vacation, buy a car, hook up your home, etc. The possibilities are endless even just to get out of debt and improve your current status.

It would probably be better to call them New Year’s goals.

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