Business Plan For Opening A Hairdresser

Do you like creating beautiful hairstyles and haircuts that emphasize the individuality of the customers? Think about opening your own hairdresser. Before opening it, you need to do a market research for the presence of similar facilities in the district and find a suitable room. On dyeing hair and haircuts, you can make good money. And in order to succeed in this business in the service sector, you do not necessarily have to be a hairstyle stylist. You can simply hire experienced and talented hairdressers to work in your salon to win the favor of customers. All are using the services of a hairdresser. Even owners of long hair should visit the craftsman at least once every few months and no bride can do without visiting the hairdresser. All these circumstances show that the stylish hairstyles have a lot of potential customers, the main thing is to attract them to your salon and serve in such a way that casual visitors become regular customers.Business Plan For Opening A Hairdresser

Almost every person needs the services of a hairdresser

Good location

The hair salon is best placed in the center of the city or in a densely populated residential complex. The entrance to the salon should go out onto a crowded street so that customers can easily find it. In front of or near the building, there should be parking spaces (preferably free of charge) and bicycle racks. A good place for a hairdresser can also be a point in the mall. Order a beautiful sign with the name of a hairdresser, which will be clearly visible from afar.Business Plan For Opening A Hairdresser

Life from within

At registration of interior, you can take advantage of the original design project. In this case, it is best to choose light colors. Some persistently choose dark, saturated colors, but this choice works only in some cases. Keep in mind that dark shades visually reduce the room, and a badly chosen combination of colors irritates people. Also, when working on a project, you need to carefully plan the available space. Hall, where customers will wait for their turn, should not resemble the waiting room in the medical center. You can put a comfortable sofa or chairs and a coffee table on which you can put a few women’s magazines. Both the hall and the working room should be comfortable for the client and the hairdresser.

The salon can not exist without large mirrors, which can be located not only opposite the hairdresser’s armchair. You can place large mirrors on opposite walls, which visually expands the space, especially in small rooms. Try to avoid various unnecessary embellishments (knickknacks or pots with artificial flowers). On the walls instead of posters of cosmetic companies, it will be better to hang interesting photos of elegant hairstyles.

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 Sanitary requirements

The hairdressing salon should be better equipped with materials that can be easily cleaned, and the space of the hairdresser should be divided as follows:

  • The stylist’s working area. In addition to the hairdresser’s armchair, there must be washing and dyeing sinks
  • Locker room and waiting room for customers
  • common room for staff
  • Room or space for storage of equipment and supplies The room or cabinets for storing cosmetics, as well as clean and dirty towels
  • A place for containers in which waste is collected

Business Plan For Opening A Hairdresser

Good cosmetics

Great value in the work of a hairdresser has cosmetic means, which the master uses. But in this case, it is not worth saving. You must produce thoughtful analysis and choose products of really good quality. It is also necessary to adhere to the rules of storage and use of cosmetics used by hairdressers. They should be stored in the original packaging, in conditions that prevent the loss of their properties.

If the preparations are not stored in the original packages, labels containing the product name, the manufacturer’s name and the date to which the drug can be used should be placed on them. It is unacceptable to use cosmetics that do not meet the requirements specified in the rules for the use of cosmetics and chemicals.


The successful work of a hairdresser directly depends on the choice of a good team. Personnel working in the hairdresser should be friendly and tidy. First, you need two masters and one cleaning lady. Workers should have special training. Before you hire someone, ask for advice from a previous job. You must hire really professional hairdressers. This is extremely important because the news of several failures will quickly spread and in the end, will do a great harm to your endeavor.Business Plan For Opening A Hairdresser

Advertising and promotion

In order for your business to develop rapidly, you will need advertising and promotion. You can post information banners and give out flyers in the immediate vicinity of the salon and in places of large crowds (shopping centers, recreation areas, near institutions).

You should understand that only an information campaign will not be enough. In the beginning, you will need discounts and promotions to attract new customers. Also, you can use gift coupons. A visit to the salon is a very good idea for a birthday present or a wedding. You should also try to cooperate with beauty salons, spas, and even wedding parlors. Your cooperation can be built on the basis of barter – you can advise your customers friendly services, and they are you.

Hairdresser for children

The hairdresser should not be ossified, and try to look for new approaches. In a large city, you can bet on serving small customers. For many parents, a hairdresser with a good approach to children is a real find. Open in one salon two halls, one of which will be adapted to the needs of young children.Business Plan For Opening A Hairdresser

Promotion in the network

Since people are spending more and more time on the net, you should declare yourself and on the Internet. Create an information site for your hairdresser where you can put all the important information:

  • Address
  • Map of passage
  • Working hours
  • Quality photos of the salon and the most beautiful works
  • Price list
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Information about promotions and bonus discounts

Business Plan For Opening A Hairdresser

Initial investment

In order to open a small barber shop, you will need at least $700000.Of course, if you prefer to buy better furniture, professional equipment or choose an expensive design of the premises, the initial costs will increase.

On the salary of three employees, you will need to allocate up to $240,000. It’s not such a big expense, because future profits can be significant. Remember that in the salon you need to put a cash register, and customers must receive receipts when calculating.

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