Business Ideas for Students – Easy and Inexpensive

In this article, we have collected interesting business ideas for students that allow you to organize your business quickly and without much time and money.

Of course, every student dreams of additional income or earnings, because not all parents and not always can allocate enough money to enough for both study and entertainment. However, the student learns in the daytime, he learns again in the evening, and he has almost no time to work on normal work on a standard schedule with an eight-hour working day. That’s why more and more students prefer to start their own business because in this case the student himself is the boss and can build his work schedule the way he likes.

Before you start creating your own business that will generate income, a student should take into account several serious key points:

  1. Lack of large monetary investments. Your business idea should be simple and does not require constant cash investments, as otherwise, you can get into debt or loans. Therefore, it is important to avoid any concept that requires loans, and focus exclusively on ideas that can be financed with your existing capital.
  2. Priority of training. While you are still in the status of a student, raising the level of education should remain your priority. Therefore, your business idea should be relatively easy to manage and not time-consuming. Because of this, many students choose a business that requires only a few hours a day, from 2 to 4 hours. Others choose a seasonal business or are engaged in business during the holidays.
  3. Importance of market research. Before you give preference to a particular business idea, it is important to conduct a thorough market research. The most important factor is that it will help you to deliver your product to the targeted consumers in the selected market. Another key factor is the level of competition in relation to a particular idea since in markets that are already filled, it is much more difficult to build a profitable business. Therefore, perhaps the best solution is to choose less popular markets, which are easier to exit.

Note that an entrepreneur does not need to have employees or build complex business processes to make a profit. The most important thing is to find a product that people want to buy and sell it at a profit. If you manage to do this well and then repeat, then your business will be able to generate a steady income without taking up much time, which will allow you to concentrate on your studies. Another advantage of your small business for those who study in the specialties related to business is that you can immediately apply the knowledge gained in your own business.

And now let’s give a few simple ideas for starting a business, which the student can conveniently combine with training. The most simple in terms of implementation are ideas related to Internet technologies because the Internet plays a huge role in people’s lives and this allows you to start a business quickly and spend a very little time and other resources on it.

10 Business ideas for students – easy and inexpensive

Fast food on wheels.

Due to the high level of employment during the day, most people do not have the opportunity on their working days to prepare a full-fledged lunch, and some simply like to try new and delicious fast food. So the popularity of this area will serve as a guarantee for the availability of customers. And the convenience of fast food on wheels is that you can choose any place of placement of the outlet during the day, if you do not like it, there is always the opportunity to “move” to a more populous place.

It will be ideal to arrange your mobile fast food in the neighborhood with an educational institution or office building, a stable flow of customers at lunchtime is guaranteed. It is convenient to open such a business when there is already a vehicle that can be equipped with a mobile point of sale. You also need to buy kitchen equipment for fast food.

Of course, this business also assumes some daily expenses for the purchase of products. And, ideally, you will need a partner who could replace you if necessary and together with whom you could conveniently build your work and training schedule. It is desirable to make an assortment of those dishes, the preparation of which does not take much time. It can be hamburgers, french fries, snacks, salads.

The opening of the club game in the “Mafia.”

The very idea of this intellectual game was invented in the 80s by simple students. In order to earn on playing the game will need a small investment (from $300) and a minimum reserve of free time. People who already have experience of carrying out live events, for example, those who have ever been a toastmaster or worked in an event agency, will be able to cope well with such a business.

For an unemployed sociable ambitious student with organizational skills, such a business will also be an appropriate option. It is not necessary to rent a permanent room, the game can be held in a small cafe, having pre-booked one or several tables in it. Hiring staff is not needed; the role of the host game can be performed by the entrepreneur himself.

To start a business you will need to buy a board game “Mafia”, two sets at a minimum, which will require seventy Dollars. And as for the placement of advertising in order to attract the attention of the target audience, it will take about $200. You can also buy a franchise, which is called “Mafia Club”. In this case, the entrepreneur will be assisted in organizing the game, the cost of the franchise is from $300 to $400, royalties and other payments are not available.

By the way, you can at any time pick up a profitable franchise in the industry you are interested in, using our catalog of franchises.

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Business at refueling cartridges and repair of office equipment.

This is another option for organizing a business without investments. The service is in great demand in big cities, where there are many offices and there are entire business districts or business centers. Immediately open a business can be if you already have the skills to refill cartridges of printers of different brands. If there are no such skills, you can hire employees.

Very useful and will be in the subject here as skills in repairing office equipment, because customers are likely to be able to contact you and on repairs, and this is another rather big source of income. At the very beginning, it will be necessary to advertise in order to attract customers, and perhaps more than once. It is also necessary to rent a room in a business center or in a business district.

Perhaps the first time will be difficult, but as soon as there will be several regular customers, the business has every chance to go into profit. Over time, from a modest student’s earnings with small investments, this idea can grow into a full-scale firm selling consumables and repairing office equipment.

Business at the rental of bicycles.

A bicycle is an environmentally friendly mode of transport and, for this reason; it will become more popular among the population of large cities. People realized that you cannot get caught in a traffic jam on a bicycle, which means that delays to work and important meetings are excluded. Therefore, bicycle rental can be your profitable business with only a small investment at the start.

The investment will be only four hundred dollars; the amount depends on the number of bicycles that you decided to rent initially. You can start with a small number, and then gradually buy new transport units. At a minimum, it is recommended to purchase 10 different bike models.

Your audience will be teenagers, children, as well as adults who prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle. Do not purchase expensive professional bike models, as cycling professionals rarely use bicycles for hire? It is better to dwell on universal models that will suit everyone. It will also require a storage room for bicycles, which can be rented or adapted for this purpose by the garage.

Business for the restoration of pillows.

This business does not require serious investments and the niche is not competitive. Pillows are recommended to be updated every three years, however, due to the crisis, people prefer not to buy new things, but to repair and bring the old ones into proper shape.

To organize the business for the restoration of pillows, no investment is required, and the technologies used are simple and pay off very quickly. Work on the restoration of one pillow, if the necessary equipment is available, takes no more than 30 minutes. The equipment that will need to be purchased includes disinfection and cleaning device for pillows, a sewing machine for stitching and a vacuum cleaner.

One person can serve the equipment; therefore hired personnel is not needed. Organizational questions on the removal of a room in a residential area with high traffic capacity can be solved in 1-2 days, another day will be needed to bring the equipment and you can start work.

The business of restoring pillows is an idea for a home business, that is, you can realize the idea at home, it does not need an office and production facilities.

The idea of free photocopying or printing texts

On the printer looks quite interesting. You can immediately establish that the condition for providing free printing services will be advertising on the reverse side of the sheet, and then it turns out that these services will be paid by advertisers. On the reverse side of the information printed for the client, an advertisement will be placed.

As a rule, there is no shortage of customers who want to print something for free or make a free copy. Here it is necessary to think where to place such a printing point so that it would be beneficial for advertisers.

For example, if you place such an advertising agency next to the university or inside it (students often need to print something or make copies – this is one of the most popular services), and on the reverse side of printed sheets to advertise youth clothing, this is exactly like advertisers , and to customers of free printing.

Friend for hire.

This interesting service is very popular in Europe and the US, but in our country, it is only beginning to attract people’s attention. People often want to go to a movie or a cafe with someone, or maybe just go shopping. What a pity that in such situations there is not a number of friends and relatives ready to gladly join the company.

While this service appeared only in large cities, there are even several American-speaking services offering such services, but in small towns, the service is practically not represented. In America, the service “a friend for rent” costs about $25.

Trade in traffic jams.

People caught in a traffic jam usually listen to audio books, talk on the phone or watch videos, in general, try to spend time with benefit. And some resourceful citizens saw in this the opportunity to make time in traffic jams still pleasant – you can offer people drinks and fast food, ice cream or other goods.

Abroad, such trade has already become commonplace: points of fast-food are sending their sellers to the places of traffic jams, providing them with portable mini-refrigerators, hot products for sale and all that is necessary for trade. But this business can be managed independently. Experts agree that such a type of business without investments can bring good profit to entrepreneurs.

Flash Safe or an endless USB flash drive,

Sale. At the end of August in the U.S.A appeared on sale flash drives, through which you can download information to the cloud storage on the Internet. At the same time, the device works and looks like an ordinary flash drive.

You can use this flash drive anonymously and safely. The information stored in the cloud is encrypted. Endless flash drive Flash safe contains built-in software that allows you to connect to stored information from any of your devices and serves as a kind of key that eliminates the need to enter a username and password when it enters your mail. Do not need the same browser and installation of any programs; everything works immediately after the USB flash drive is inserted into the USB port.

The wholesale price of the device is much lower than the market retail price, which has already attracted the attention of wholesale buyers who expect to take advantage of the device’s popularity and make money on its sale.

Configuring and maintaining mobile devices.

This idea is suitable for confident users of mobile devices. For implementation, you only need your own skills and a small room, first, you can do without a room.

Tablets, smartphones, mobile phones are now almost all – the students themselves and their parents, and even their grandparents. And here it is obvious that people who did not use such gadgets earlier need not only technical help in setting up and installing the necessary applications but also purely consulting services, because they find it difficult to understand and understand how it all works.

You can start such a business from the first standard service of the initial configuration of the device purchased by the user. And then you can offer and additional services, for example, selling and gluing the protective film on the screen of the device or for an additional “pumping” of the functions of the device.

So, choose from the list of business ideas you like exactly and start your own small business.

In the modern world, the situation in the labor market is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Graduates of universities and colleges find it difficult to find a job right after graduation because in general higher education institutions produce more specialists than the labor market can accept. But students who have received business experience long before graduation, problems of employment do not bother.

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Some well-known entrepreneurs started their business as students and studying at the university: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin – this list can be continued – so what prevents you from trying to start your business during training?

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