Business Idea: Creating a Diving School

What kind of rest at sea can do without an active and exciting lesson – diving? It is this type of active recreation that helps to escape from the usual bustle and feel refreshed. This is what makes this type of business the most profitable on the sea coast.

For quality education and for attracting professional instructors, stability and decent wages are necessary. All this is impossible to provide without permanent customers and a permanent office in the form of a club or a whole center. With the advent of a permanent address and with quality training services, you can be sure that you will have regular customers. They will not only come to you again and again but also bring their friends to you.

Organizing any tourism business must take into account the specifics of the chosen sphere. In the field of diving, it is necessary to pay attention to these factors:

  • Seasonality of demand. In summer, there is the highest demand, which will easily provide you with the double workload. In winter, it is worth preparing for almost complete closure.
  • For successful operation, opening a similar center is cost-effective only in large cities, where high population density. It is urban residents who can afford not only to go to the pool but also enjoy extreme rest.
  • Thoughtful marketing. This includes the location of the complex, the choice of teachers and the periodic holding of promotional activities. For example the organization of the opening holiday, the shares for the new year, by February 14 and so on.
  • Well-designed training schedule. The emphasis should not be on short-term projects but on long-term courses. In this case, it is not necessary that the duration of the course be calculated for a year. Planning of various internal competitions and the opportunity to participate in international competitions.
  • The conclusion of agency contracts for preferential treatment with various travel agencies. So it will be easier for you to earn a reputation.

What do I need to know about the legal design of the school?

The diving school is primarily an educational institution that provides additional services for training active sports. For this reason, during registration, rip out the category of non-commercial organizations and you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Official statement of the founder or founders;
  • Memorandum of association or decision on the establishment of a non-commercial organization with a clear indication of the shares of all participants;
  • The approved charter of the organization;
  • The full package of documents for all educational programs;
  • Confirmation of legal address, as a letter of guarantee

How to choose a place for the organization of classes

First of all, we choose a city with a high population density.

Let’s move on to choosing a room. Such activities attract wealthy and successful people, which means that classes should take place in a comfortable environment. To study the theory will require a room area of at least 50 square meters. The next question is an aesthetic design. The sign should attract secured customers, which means it should not be small and meager.

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The club should have the following list of compulsory premises:

  • Reception or reception;
  • Class for training;
  • A special class for easy viewing of educational video materials;
  • Storage room for equipment;
  • Locker room;
  • Room for practical classes.

Simply put, you need a small, but very comfortable office located near the pool. Rent a pool, or rather just a few tracks (for beginners) – this is a very economical option. Remember, practical classes will only be a couple of times a week.

The next step is the selection and purchase of equipment, first of all, you will need:

  • Masks for scuba diving;
  • Fins of the whole size range;
  • Wetsuits for personnel and for hire to customers;
  • Aqualungs and compressed air cylinders;
  • Pressure regulators in cylinders;
  • Compensators for buoyancy.

Buying ammunition and equipment in advance, calculate the necessary amount of purchase. People who are just starting to learn do not have their own equipment and for them, it is necessary to provide rental services. For those who are engaged in this hobby, it is not the first time to organize preventive maintenance and service for refueling and checking the serviceability of cylinders.

In addition to classes in indoor swimming pools, activities are possible in open natural reservoirs, and additional equipment is required for them:

  • Motorboat;
  • A car with a trailer for transportation of equipment;
  • And other professional equipment.

Select the frames

All instructors must be professionals and have appropriate supporting documents and recommendations. In addition, they must pass certification for swimming class PADI. Ideally, you must have at least two instructors with similar certificates. Their salaries will make up the most part of the wage fund; therefore it is more logical if these employees become founders and heads of the center. The answer to the question of why two is very simple. In case of substitution of one of the instructors or conducting parallel dives.

In addition to coaches, you will need a doctor and an accountant. The doctor must be present at the dives, but the accountant for the competent reporting to the tax and financial authorities. In addition to the reports, the accountant must monitor the expenditure of funds and assess the current financial situation. In time to assess the possibility of expansion or signalize the need to change the place of rent of a room or pool.

If the doctor you most likely will need a regular, the accountant can simply be hired. In this case, the founders will have to take charge of the costs and the possibility of expansion.

With the constant demand of two instructors may be small, you will have to hire one or two more.

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The last point to think about before the opening of the school is the time of the classes (day of the week and time of day). Time of day: on working days after 18:00, and on weekends after 12:00. According to statistics, it is this time that is optimal for additional classes. The main category of clients is adult working people, which mean they can only give their hobbies to their hobbies after work.

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