The unique benefits of body worn cameras

Police and fire officer, ambulance personnel, security guards and others who work in frontline positions dealing with the public have always been vulnerable to either harassment and assault or accusations of the same, with no viable resources available to either prove their integrity or provide some kind of documented evidence.

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This is now changing as portable devices, like a body worn camera, have emerged onto the market. Despite concerns over potential privacy issues, the potential benefits are so valuable that they have been awarded much more significance overall.

The success of existing security monitoring and recording options, such as CCTV, has paved the way for the bodyworn camera; utilizing cutting edge technology to provide a close-up record, with sound, to create a product with many benefits for both those who wear them and those on the other side of the lens.

A growing number of sources, such as, are now able to supply equipment which has innumerable benefits, including:

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Improving the accuracy of evidence at trauma scenes

Everything from the positions of any vehicle to first-hand witness accounts can be recorded, removing concerns over conflicting accounts from the same person in a subsequent interview.

Protecting the public from abuses of authority

Although most people are honest and fair there are always bad apples, and wearing a camera is generally enough to make people think twice about being abusive or carrying out illegal actions.

Protecting the wearer from false accusations

Studies show that accusations against Metropolitan Police Officers fall by a third when they are wearing body cameras,, providing a much-needed level of protection against malicious complaints about things like sexual harassment, violence or racial abuse.

Providing evidence to trigger and support a domestic violence prosecution

Traditionally, one of the most difficult crimes to push through to a prosecution, often because the victims are too scared of the consequences, are domestic violence cases, which are now going ahead with evidence captured by body cameras, sometimes regardless of whether or not the victim has made a statement to support a prosecution.

The use of bodyworn cameras is still very new, and it is impossible to predict its potential reach or long term success, but with so many perceived benefits, the future is looking quite positive for their continued use.

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