5 Ways to Increases the Value of the Home without Spending Much

The houses are part of the patrimony of the people. It usually increases the value due to different factors such as location. They can also be depreciated over the years if maintenance is not given.

How to increases the value of housing

In case you want to sell or rent your house to get a better one for your family. We have a series of tips that will help you increases the value of your home with a small investment and without wasting your time.


Before starting to buy things or look for ideas, it is necessary to do an investigation and planning. Take the trouble to investigate the place where your house or apartment is located. Check the designs and styles used in new constructions.

These guidelines will help you for two things, to know the trends and not to spend too much on unnecessary things. The reforms and maintenances that it does have an intention to attract buyers with the tendencies that are. It is not necessary to put your personal stamp or what you like best in each corner.

1. Budget

It is not about making a budget based on all the ideas you have. If the total cost of all renovations exceeds 10% of the value of the home, it will be exceeding the market offer. Few people will be willing to pay for a house or apartment like that.

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2. Kitchen

It is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms and in which more attention is paid when buying a house. People will not choose a home with an old kitchen, or neglected.

The remodeling can be from the basics like painting the walls, reupholstering the chairs, replacing knobs and drawer handles, lighting and taps.

3. Bathroom

If you do not want to spend so much money you can start with what you already have, doing a deep cleaning of the tiles. Later you can replace towel racks, faucets, mirrors, and lighting.

The next recommendation is to change the bathroom cabinet for one that optimizes the space and has enough shelves or drawers.

4. Painting

The advantage of painting the walls is that they almost completely change the appearance of the buildings. A great secret to save up to 30% of the paint is to clean surfaces and resurface them before painting. The rollers and brushes must be new, so the first layer that is will probably be enough.

5. Floors

The neglected and cracked floors give a terrible image. If possible, start with a deep cleaning and replace the damaged ones. If you have a little more money you can replace it completely.

Do not choose the most beautiful one; take into account the duration, the maintenance level, and the resistance.

Remodeling for lease

Take into account that many tenants give rude use to things. Opt for energy saving spotlights and sturdy furniture. Never invest in furniture or expensive and fragile items.

A credit or personal loan can be an excellent option if you need money for remodeling.

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