Hiring a fleet washing service? Know the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind it

It is never too easy to handle a transport business owing to the complexities it comes with. Transportation as a business has existed since the ancient time but it is actually in the current that it has assumed the role of a more systematic and full fledged business option. Our changing lifestyles and requirements have unleashed various domains in the transportation industry like taxi hiring, logistics, goods carrying and what not! Our trains, aeroplanes and luxury cruises are also a part of the transportation hierarchy!

If you are a part of this business and own a fleet of vehicles then you must also be careful about their maintenance. One aspect of this is hiring a fleet washing service like Vardens to keep the vehicles in a good condition.

Let us get to know a few tips which will let you choose the right fleet washing service for your logistics.

Knowing the number and type of vehicles- this is the first question that you should ask yourself as a fleet manager, before you look forward to hire a fleet washing service. If yours is a fleet of less than 10 vehicles then you can get them cleaned by hand wash itself. Any fleet having a larger number will require a professional team to wash the vehicles and especially if your fleet consists of trucks, then you will be required to use single brush truck washes. For a fleet of around 15 to 30 vehicles, the best option you have is rollover washes. They are a bit costly but the best quality washes are given by roll over washes and are a one time investment! 

Cost to the company- you are intending to choose the fleet washing service to reduce your workload but that should not become a burden on your company’s finances. Before you hire a fleet washing service, make sure you do your research properly and take quotations from at least four to five fleet washers so you can make a comparison. Do not just compare the price but also the services they will provide and make a background check. In no way, it should exceed your budget and hamper other operations of the organisation. 

Know about the cleaning procedure- as the fleet manager, you ought to know everything about how the task of your fleet cleaning will be done. For that matter, you may also take help of references for a better idea of the fleet washer service. You must be upfront to ask the products they will use in this endeavour and also if the environmental concerns are looked at or not. In no way, your company’s requirement should harm the environment or break any such laws.

Now that you know how to choose the best fleet hiring service for your fleet, you must also be aware of the reasons as to why it is important to hire professionals for this purpose.

Clean fleet, cleaner company image- the greatest advantage of hiring a professional fleet cleaning service is that they will make sure your vehicles keep looking brand new and if not that, then they are the neatest possible. A clean fleet will have a good impression on the customers and will help in developing brand loyalty. No customer would want to see old, rugged trucks or taxis coming in front of their doorstep. So, if you would want to give the impression of your seriousness to the customers, you must ensure that you have a clean fleet.

Convenience- when you know that your fleet cleaning and maintenance will be done perfectly by the professional service you have hired, then you will have the time to focus on other, more important aspects of your business. Also, you will not have to deal with extra employees and their complaints and you can just sign a contract and rest is their headache!

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