Forex Trading for Beginners-How to make money with Forex?

How to start forex trading?

Forex is a financial market that is rated 24 hours a day from Sunday evening to Friday evening. This means that even if you work you can transform yourself, in the evening, by the trader. Today any particular can become a trader in this market. It is easy to train and the tools available are quite effective. But it is not enough to stand in front of a computer and trade to earn money. Here are some tracks that will put you in the stirrup.

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Trader’s  Tools

What do you need to get started? You need, of course, a PC, if possible powerful enough. Then you need to register with a Forex Broker and download the MT4 platform (MetaTrader), the most known platform to trade on the Forex. Then you need knowledge. Most large brokers offer free training for a trade. Most traders use technical analysis to trade. It is a discipline that mixes the plot of trend lines ( resistance, supports, and other geometrical figures, so called Chartism ) and indicators such as moving averages, MACD, Stochastics or bands Of Bollinger. You also need a starting capital. This one does not have to be important because you can grow it …

10 Pips Per Day

Indeed, whatever your starting capital, if you win at least 10 pips ( 1 pip is the smallest unit of quotation ) per day on average you can win more and more. When trading on the Forex one plays with lots more or less large. Think of a number of shares purchased. It’s the same. The larger your account grows, the more you can play on larger batches. And the more you win with your 10 pips per day.

Profit Factor

The Profit Factor is the ratio between a number of earnings and the amount of losses over a period. To survive, the trader must use a strategy that has a Profit Factor of at least 2. This means that the gains must be double the losses, at least, on average.

Money Management & Risk Management

Surviving on Forex is above all keeping its capital. If you keep your capital and your strategy is winning on average, everything will be fine. It is a probability problem. If, statistically, you earn more than what you lose, then, in the long run, you will win. Money Management is a set of techniques that make it possible not to jeopardize your account by betting small sums. A rule may be, for example, not to risk more than 1% of his account on each trade. To do this, Stop-Loss is used, orders that automatically trigger when its position reaches a level of loss fixed in advance, because, as the saying goes on the stock market: it is better to cut a hand than an arm!

Have A Strategy

Forex Trading for Beginners-How to make money with Forex?

One can not make money on Forex on the internet without having a strategy that wins. Internet forums are full of strategies. Choose the one that suits you best. This can be trend tracking or a turnkey strategy like the TDI strategy. And all this is free! It is still possible to let an experienced trader manage his account. To finish, the world of Forex can be impressive, but it is not very complicated, eventually.

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