Energy efficiency is key in successful warehouses

Successful warehouses are driven by a keen eye for detail, meticulous review procedures and the ability to take advantage of the latest technology advances. Operating an energy efficient warehouse is easier than you think, and it will save your business significant amounts of time and money. Here are some tips to help you identify how your warehouse can be energy efficient.

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Know your floorplan

Experts warn that most companies thinking of relocating their warehouses to larger premises don’t actually need the extra space. All they need to do is manage their existing space more effectively. The best place to begin is with your existing floorplan. Reevaluate how you are currently using the space and determine what changes need to be made, so that the space operates efficiently.

Do you have a solid inventory system?

An efficient and thorough inventory system is crucial in establishing energy leaks in your warehouse operations. From the amount of times a product is handled throughout the transaction process, to the way items are recorded and grouped together, a good inventory system becomes the blueprint mapping the success of your warehouse.

How are your products placed?

Make sure the most popular products are the easiest items for your pickers to locate. One of the easiest ways to transform your warehouse into an energy efficient operation is by choosing the best pallet racking for your products, such as from

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Update your lighting

Consider updating your lighting to energy efficient LED options, which offer massive savings on your annual electricity bill, as well as better operating value. The bulbs don’t shatter and they are cheaper to run, compared with other lighting options. Companies who have made the switch to energy efficient lighting enjoy annual savings of approximately 80% off their electricity bill. They also enjoy the tax initiatives offered by the government to encourage companies to invest in eco lighting. This ensures they are making maximum savings while taking advantage of the latest environmentally friendly technology options available.

Changing the grade

In the near future there will be a new energy efficient benchmark applied to all commercially let properties across the country. At the moment, buildings are awarded an energy efficiency rating ranging from letters A-G. From April 2018, the minimum requirement to rent a commercial building will be the letter E.

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