How can social selling boost your sales?

Generating sales should be the primary objective of every successful marketing strategy. Although you have likely been utilising content to generate traffic and leads, you may not have considered the inherent value within social selling.

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In 2016, Feedback Systems reported on a study indicating that more than 63 per cent of businesses utilising social selling see consistent yearly growth, compared with only 41 per cent of businesses that don’t have a social selling strategy.

Social Selling 101

Social media platforms are based on the notion of building communities and contributing to conversations. By creating content your audience will find useful, encouraging conversation and directly answering questions, you’re well on the way to incorporating social selling into your digital strategy.

The key to effective social selling is to create a culture of participation on your social channels. Employing an experienced team with a skillset like the one that can be seen at is likely to be an instrumental step in helping you to build your social strategy. Beginning with inspiring your audience to interact with individual posts, this approach should be developed to ultimately encourage meaningful replies to emails and the initiation of phone/Skype calls.

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Content for Successful Social Selling

Ensuring you have the needs of your customer base at the forefront of every piece of content you create – which can include everything from step-by-step guides and answering FAQs to video content and structured webinars – is integral to social selling.

Ultimately, your aim must be to create content that permeates, using techniques that demonstrate the value of your business and choosing language that helps your audience to connect with your message in meaningful ways.

Transforming Social Leads and Traffic into Conversions

Generating traffic is only the first step. Working with a web development company in London will help you to shape your website’s content to boost your conversion rate and drive sales. Shaping your call to action strategy is an integral part of securing conversions, with simple email subscription boxes no longer enough in an increasingly competitive online environment.

Instead, you must demonstrate your intentions and provide your audience with something of value, such as a free e-book or worksheet, in exchange for their time and email information. From here, you can implement your email outreach strategy to encourage further meaningful interaction and secure a successful conversion.

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