What are the 6 ways in which small companies can benefit from uniform Melbourne?

Melbourne has been the one of the most fashion conscious places in the world with the people caring about how they dress up for personal as well as professional occasions. Even at work, companies use trendy uniforms to ensure that their employees look professional and yet presentable.

This is where the Total Image Group comes in to the picture and is helping out these companies. They provide properly customized services to their client. This customization starts from the initial phase till the packaging of the uniforms is done.

  1. Great designs

Small companies often have to deal with a lot problems when trying to select a uniform for their employees. The first problem is the lack of options. This is because since the employee strength is low a lot of companies do not design for them and neither do they produce uniforms in such small numbers. But the total image group can produce uniforms in small batches by working closely with the smaller companies. Thus even the small companies get good design options.

  1. Low cost

Most of the times getting small batches of uniforms designed and manufactured can be a very costly affair. Since the batch size is small the overhead for the group manufacturing the uniforms is high and they have to spend a lot of money which means the cost for the small companies to procure the uniforms is very high. Total image group can help by providing the uniforms to the small companies at very low costs comparatively.They provide services that are great for small companies and here is how small companies can benefit from uniforms Melbourne.

  1. Fast delivery

The delivery of the uniforms also needs to be in time. When a company is making uniforms for a lot of small companies then there are a lot of small batches and the delivery for this large number of batches can take a lot of time. Thus it is always a concern for the small companies to get their uniforms on time. Total image group can provide the uniforms at the doorstep within no time and this is a great selling point for their products.

  1. Good quality

There is no compromise on quality and one can rest assured that only the best fabric is used by the manufacturer while delivering the uniform to the smaller companies. This is a great relief because the small companies do not have the resources to devote to manage the manufacturing of uniforms end to end to ensure high quality output.

5.No stock holding

This means that the small companies do not need to hold any stock and can order as and when they need. This quick replenishing can be a great benefit for smaller companies with low budgets. The team at total image believes in providing quality products only to their customers. This is how they ensure their customers are completely satisfied.

  1. Backorder replenishing and replacement

This means that if one wants to get an old order refurnished again then one can get it done in no time. The stock is always ready at total image and all that is needed is branding the clothes and getting them printed. This way small company do not have to go through any hassles of ordering again.