10 Exciting New Car Launches

If you are a bit of a petrol-head, then new car launches are sure to set your pulse racing. Here are just ten of the best upcoming announcements to put in your diary.

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Vauxhall Insignia

The next-generation replacement for Vauxhall’s critically acclaimed saloon has some big shoes to fill, but with the promise of cutting-edge technology and an all-new platform, the Insignia will win over drivers with ease.

Range Rover Velar

The affordability of the Evoque has helped Range Rover to appeal to a new audience in recent years. The Velar will be its big brother, with engines which cater to the frugal and power-hungry alike.

VW Arteon

Based on the Audi A5, the VW Arteon has a slick name and styling to match. Expect executive thrills in this low-slung sporty saloon when it arrives in September. Being able to access it via companies like http://leasing.totalmotion.co.uk/, which offers car leasing in Leicester, will make it more attainable.

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Nissan Qashqai

Britain’s top selling compact cross-over is getting an update, appealing to its millions of fans with improved safety features that allow it to partially pilot itself – a little like a Tesla Model S.

Abarth 124 Spider Scorpione

Fiat’s already impressive Spider cabriolet is getting a makeover from tuning house Abarth, with the result being a more powerful unique coupe that should be even more fun to drive and will definitely turn heads on the road.

Vauxhall Crossland X

This mini-SUV will appeal to drivers who need a spacious family car which is also able to offer a bit more in terms of styling and technology than some of its more basic rivals.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

The expanded E-Class family gets its drop-top version this month, delivering open-air thrills to those who still want room to seat four people on board their luxury convertible of choice.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

This Italian firm is jumping on the SUV bandwagon with the Stelvio, an attractive car that should rival models from Porsche and BMW in terms of performance and luxury.

Seat Ibiza

New engines should appeal to fans of the always practical Ibiza range. And with VW underpinnings, reliability should be unquestionably solid.

Hyundai i30

In terms of value for money, the i30 in its latest guise is hard to beat, while this European-oriented new generation is a little more refined.

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